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Participating Artists

Yuzuru Maeda, Zentai Town, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 2015. Photo by Ng Wu Gang
Yuzuru Maeda (Japan/ Singapore)
Yuzuru Maeda (b. 1978, Ogaki, Japan) received her Music BA from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore in 2009 and currently lives in Singapore. Yuzuru has been making video-based music works with ‘Zentai Art Project’ (yuzuru.weebly.com). These are visual explorations extended from her practice as a contemporary musician. In her art projects Yuzuru uses Zentai, the Japanese sub-culture to investigate the human conditions of identity, spiritual connections with cosmic energy in the universe and as a means to come to terms with one’s living environment.

She currently organizes 'Zentai Art Festival' (zentaiart.com) in Singapore and around Asia.