Invited Artists


Jeremy Hiah

The White Crocodile. Singapore, 2011. Photo by Jason Lee

Born in 1972, Jeremy Hiah began his involvement in the arts since 1993. His works mostly deal with social questions, based on his personal experiences and background as a multi-disciplinary artist. Hiah had explored widely different art media and materials in painting, sculpture, installation, performance and collaborations with many artists from different fields. Hiah has presented his works actively in Singapore as well as in various countries around Asia and Europe.

He is also an active organizer and member of The Artists Village and Sculpture Society Singapore. Former 2001 Vice President of The Artist Village and 2005 Vice President of Sculpture Society and currently the Artistic Director of The Artists Village residency program. Since 2004, Hiah had established Your MOTHER Gallery, which is an alternative art space that supports emerging artists and international artists-network programs. Hiah was the artistic director for Fetter-Field Performance Art Event 2006, 2007 and 2009, which saw the project presented in various public venues and locations in Singapore.