Invited Artists


Marla Bendini

Surrogate N°7: ( ), Sweden, 2012, Photo by Vincent Chow

Born Ong Boon Kok, Bendini Junior in 1986, "Marla Bendini" – artist.performer.visionary – is a transgendered identity created in 2007 as an amalgamation between art and life. Her multidisciplinary & highly personal works has become her signature via documentation and exhibition of real life experience both private and public, self-portraits, performance and social activism.

Her first self-titled exhibition "Marla." (2008) was presented in a transsexual bar in Pat- taya, Thailand. Sponsored by, Asia's largest LGBT portal, she presented "Conversations between father and son" (2010), a multimedia installation- performance over 10 days, supported by The Substation Gallery, Singapore. She exhibited and per- formed in Supermarket 2012, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, sponsored by Riksutställ- ningar / Swedish Exhibition Agency.