31st July & 1st Aug

Performance workshop on 'time, gesture and memory'.
conducted by Waldemar Tatarsczuk (PL)
Time: 11.00 am

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, Gallery
For registration details, please click HERE.

1st August

Waldemar tatarcsuk
An Huy Nguyen
Toan Duc Vu
Nguyen Song
Jason Lee

2nd August

Noah Warsaw
Nguyen Duong Hai Dang
Kelvin Atmadibrata
Rubin Hashim

3rd August

Angelika Fojtuch
Vincent Chow
Marla Bendini

4th August

Andree Weschler
Zhou Bin
Tran Luong
Jeremy Hiah

5th August

Symposium: Solid Air – comparative reflections on the intertwining of performance art and politics.
Venue: Glass Hall, Singapore Art Museum
Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Speakers: Tran Luong (VN), Waldemar Tatarczuk (PL), Zhuo Bin (CN), Lee Wen (SG)
Moderator: Daniela Beltrani