Invited Artists


Rubin Hashim

Rites of Adoration. Singapore, 2008. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Rubin Bachtiar Hashim was born the same year French philosopher, Michel Foucault, passed away and the Aids virus was identified.

In the summer of 2001, he enrolled himself into LASALLE, College of the Arts in Singapore. In the time spent in school, Rubin picked up varying creative skills such as metallurgy, carpentry, photography and audio/video production. Inspired by the polymaths of past, Rubin is a practitioner who revels in his ability to utilise various media.

In 2008, Rubin had founded an independent gallery/performance venue called Furor-Space in Singapore. He served as its founder and director for nearly two years before the initiative fell victim to the commercialisation of Haji Lane which led to absurd rental inflations. It was in this short but fruitful period that Rubin discovered a flair for curatorship and writing.

Today, upon graduating with his Master of Arts, Rubin continues to pursue his creative endeavours by day and tends to his musical adventures at night. While he is currently and primarily based in Singapore, Rubin has firm intentions of inducting his initiatives into the American scene and bridging cultural developments between the two countries. He is also keen on pushing his writing career further into the realm of the acclaimed.