As part of FOI 8 education programme and continual efforts to create platform for exchnages between audience and artists. we have invited 2 artists to facilitate 2 sessions of performance workshops.

The artists are Tran Luong (VN) (3rd Aug) and Waldemar Tatarczuk (PL) (31st July and 1st Aug)

Performance Brief

Workshop by Waldemar Tatarsczuk (PL)
Date: 31st July and 1st August
Time: 11.00 am @ GAC Gallery

Time, gesture and memory

During the workshops I would like to learn about every individual way of each of participants - previous art experiences (on the first day) and propose to work together (on the second day).
As the workshop will last for a relatively short time we will focus on several very basic issues such as time, duration and gesture (basic individual and personal gestures). The workshop will engage with both individual and group action involving private/public, open/closed, past/future considerations. The result of workshops may be collective performance of the group of participants during FOI. The place for the first day of workshops could be anywhere where we can sit and talk. Participants are asked to bring any documentation of previous art activity.

Workshop by Tran Luong (VN)
Date: 3rd August
Time: 11.00 am @ GAC

Connected and Isolated

The means of expression is always a necessity for society in Vietnam and 3rd world countries where there are many things that cannot use words to express in public. While at the international level, dialogue tends to be strongly promoted by the development progress of democracy and technology. With the excellent characteristics of performance art, the expression means that is feasible, convenient and accessible for the public.
I want to begin by discussing on issues related to “connected and isolated” or ”the direct and indirect”, the stages in life are common in every countries but specially in countries with existing dictatorship and corruption. Next are practices with the body, exploring the intrinsic biological issues of behavior in which the behavior directly give a sense about the indirect or the connected giving a sense of isolation?
The workshop participants are to design themselves and implement a concept-behavior plan by using the material from their real life experience, and how to make direct/indirect dialogue with the audience (here, the other workshop participants).

Workshops are free.

Interested participants please register at with contact number and email address