Invited Artists


Zhou Bin

Chase the Sun, China, 2007. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Zhou Bin was born in 1970 and focused on making art upon graduation from Art College in 1990. In Beijing, Zhou Bin worked in oil painting until 1997, when he moved to Chengdu. From then on, he has worked primarily in performance and new media, as well as installation.

Zhou Bin is a prolific artist, with nearly one hundred pieces of performance art, installation, and video work produced since 1998 in various locations including China, Korea, Singapore, Holland, England, Spain, and Israel. Zhou Bin also works in collaborative projects. In 2007 he opened UP-ON Live Art Space for the specific purpose of promoting live art. In 2008, Zhou Bin curated the first UP-ON International Live Art Festival, inviting over 40 artists from all over the world to perform and exchange ideas on live art. In 2009, Zhou Bin began producing Celebration—1/6 Comment on Freedom, a multi-media, multi-artist ongoing and touring live art happening. Of late, Zhou Bin is meditating on and developing performance art theory. He believes that Chinese performance art must transcend the limits of the individual body, and must also make a contribution to international performance art discourse.