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Participating Artists

Farah Ong, Untitled, Singapore, 2014. Photo courtesy of Farah Ong
Farah Ong (Singapore)
Farah Ong is multi-disciplinary - actress, performance artist, art-maker who is constantly working towards an organic diversification of her artistic vocabulary. Having graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts majoring in Fine Art Photography, Farah has performed across Asia and the Middle East. Recently, her photography works were exhibited in the Stockholm Pride Fringe Exhibition.

Rooted strongly in her theatre background, she is now exploring the cross- disciplinary practice of photography and performance in her works. This can be seen in her collaborative and solo performance art pieces.

She feels that sometimes love makes us numb, culture turns us characterless and religion leaves us faithless. And she is hopeful that art-making or viewing can guide individuals find solace within our constant existentialist questioning.

When not working, Farah enjoys her solitude and indulges in aimless joyrides on her Vespa. She likes chancing upon quiet spots in this not so quiet island.