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Participating Artists

Sakiko Yamaoka, Daily Revenge - Fighting with Chinese men, Beijing China, 2014. Photo by Daniela Beltrani
Sakiko Yamaoka (Japan)

Born  1961. Based  in  Tokyo.  She  studied  oil  painting  in  Musashino  Art University in Tokyo. Started performance art in 1992, but not so much worked in the some years. Since 1997 she has took part with many performance art festivals/events in Asia and West/East Europe and North/South America, of course in Tokyo and Yokohama (Japan), too.

She  defines  that  performance  art  have  been  site-specific  "sculptures" depicting time and space/place, daily material and body action, in between various kind of relationship, based by the thoughts of “performance art” of that is  a  “destined”  process  approaching  for  undertaking  a  body  as  one place//node. Recent her works has been focused with more geometrical structure.

She has worked for events, moving images, photography and drawings also. .