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Participating Artists

Rinyaphat Nithipattaraahnan, A Girl In Architecture, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014. Photo by Boonsit Rattanajaree
Rinyaphat Nithipattaraahnan (Thailand)
Rinyaphat Nithipattaraahnan is an performance artist who started from the art of theatre, with pieces that often posed questions of various aspects of society through performance art. She is also the speaker in the practical workshop to employ performance art as media outlet. She has also been invited as a guest lecturer on subject areas in performance art and theatre at numerous institutions such as Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University and Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.

Rinyaphat has begun experimental art since 2004 by mixing the meanings of space and performance art based on the use of body as the media. "God is dead" is a combination of digital works and historical drama for the communication between the spirits of humankind and non-existent faith. Her works often pose questions about the society and religious beliefs.

Rinyaphat Nithipattaraahnan now holds a position as an instructor in the Department of Mixed Media Arts, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Thailand.