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Participating Artists

Ma Ei, Cooking is art for men, France Institute, Yangon, Myanmar. Photo by May Ko Naing
Ma Ei (Myanmar)
Born in 1978 and grew up in Dawei, a seaport city, Ma Ei used to comment herself as a tiny stupid child who took along the answer sheet home once after a primary school exam. She graduated a Bachelor in Physic Study at Yangon University. Nowadays, she is one artist who obstinately questions the confusions of self and the entire world and their unquestionably opposites. Her effort to understand the relationship between the constructive and destructive value of the being, having a firm notion on cycle of rebirths, is conveyed through a series of photographic and performative works.

Ma Ei, as a woman artist, is often attempting to argue the critical condition of social and cultural norms that most Myanmar women are surrounded by, which she recounted her feministic analysis in her early works. In fact she found herself into performance art after reading art news about street performance art pieces performed by Htein Lin and Chaw Ei Thein around 2004, though she had no possible opportunity to be within reach into it. In 2007, she started studying painting. In 2008, she studied new art trends in the globe casually at New Zero Art Space. Since then, she started exploring painting, installation, photography and performance. In 2010, she has been invited to Tokyo Wonder artist residency program for three months, and later exhibited her works not only in Myanmar but also in different countries such as Japan, Korea. Thai, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Switzerland and Netherlands.