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Participating Artists

Lai Thi Dieu Ha, Flying Up, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2011. Photo by Gabby Miller
Lai Thi Dieu Ha (Vietnam)
Born in Hanoi in 1976, Ha graduated from the Hanoi University of Fine Arts in 2005 and became known among art circles for her provocative performances at the Nha San Duc experimental art space. She is interested in exploring taboos in Vietnamese society revolving around sex and sexuality. Her art is unique, obsessive and multi-faceted. At first she specialized in performance art: performing the inner self, the urgency of finding self’s origin and everything clashed into. She usually used her body for experiment and practice. Currently she ceaselessly learns and researches to look deeper down inside, to go even more extreme. She uses herself as a test about whether to give or not to give solutions or answers for an artwork. She is be open and gives the audience the right to question or answer. They will look at her artwork, see her inside as an intermediary or an excuse to speak for them.